Plastic mask 

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Plstic mask:


The mask is a sustainable and reusable makeshift mask made of flexible and disinfectable thermoplastic elastomer with an exchangeable filter element. The materials used for the mask body, the closure and the spacer correspond to the food conformity according to EU standard 10/2011

Included in the delivery are:

  • 1 piece locking element pre-assembled with spacer
  • 3 pieces of filter element (exchangeable)
  • 1 piece mask body
  • 1 piece of elastic band
  • 1 piece of double cord stopper

When used correctly, the mask will reduce the transmission of droplets to other people in the immediate vicinity.


Advantages of the mask:

  • The mask is a durable product made of food-grade plastics.
  • Reusable by easy replacement of the filters.
  • High wearing comfort thanks to individually adjustable fastening straps that can be adapted to the shape of the head and hairstyle. The mask can be attached behind the ears as well as behind the head.
  • Stable fit of the mask around the nose and mouth area thanks to flexible, but dimensionally stable material. The mask is also suitable for those who wear beards and / or glasses, as it prevents the glasses from tarnishing and fogging up.
  • No suction of the mask when breathing.
  • Simple manual cleaning of the mask body with washing-up liquid and warm water or commercially available cleaning agents.
  • No long delivery times due to the production of all parts and sales headquarters in Germany.

General information:

  • In principle, compliance with all regulations issued by the authorities applies to the mask wearer.
  • The specified safety distance to other people must still be observed.
  • Before putting on the mask and changing the filter element, please wash your hands to avoid contamination.
  • The mask must be placed over the mouth, nose and cheeks so that it fits snugly everywhere. Adjust the rubber bands if necessary.
  • Breathability under the mask should be tested before using the mask.
  • The filter element must be changed daily if it is used continuously.
  • After use, please wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20-30 seconds.
  • Used filter elements can be disposed of in accordance with the respective municipal waste separation guidelines.
  • The mask is not suitable for infants and children.
  • Please keep the mask out of the reach of children.

Product information:

The mask does not offer the wearer any self-protection. It does not comply with the regulations as a medical product or the industrial safety regulations for personal protective equipment. The mask currently does not meet any of the following standards: N95, FFP2, FFP3 - but we are currently working on these certifications.


Assembly instructions for mounting behind the ears


Assembly instructions for mounting behind the head


Multimask smart-plast

The multimask is not a medical mouth and nose protection!

Dishwasher safe up to 80 ° C and disinfectable.

Unrestricted field of vision and particularly suitable for glasses thanks to the shaped bridge of the nose.

Two integrated molded rubber bands for different head shapes, as well as a holder for your own retaining straps, if the existing rubber bands do not fit.




The mask and its filter elements are available in many colors




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